Wednesday, January 28

Storm 09

Here's the proof that we are officially snowed in! It was Scott's turn to shovel today! I had enough of yesterday's shoveling to last me through the remaining 11 months of 2009, hahaha!

OH, and get this... it is STILL snowing, and in by the afternoon we are supposed to have RAIN! YEP, just like yesterday.... Snow, Freezing Rain, more snow! I am not sure if we are supposed to get more snow overnight again tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised. Based on the pictures below, I DOUBT we will go to school tomorrow! I have seen the city come by with their plows just one time around 6:30am and that was about when the snow STARTED!

BELOW here is Farmer, uh, Shoveler Anderson...

You can see in the background our neighbor digging himself out! Their boy spent the night here last night and that went over really well. Once they fell asleep they were down for the night, very easy! Well, now Brian doesn't need to go to work until noon and Rachel is off, too, now. I told her we would just keep Zach, keeps my kids busy and happy at the same time!

Out back, behind our garage we have our first branch down. I doubt it will be the last. That tree is nearly splitting in half as I type!

And here, below, is Josh's car. You can't even tell where the road starts or stops across the street! See my old mailbox on the left? That is on the OTHER side of the road! Like I said, NO snow plow since 6am! Rachel (next door) called and said that her scanner was going off all morning about trees being down, people without electricity and nearly everything is closed!
MAYBE my hubby should have listened when I asked him to get more MILK last night! UGH!

I will be back later for the drawing of today's WEDNESDAY WINNER! I won't let this weather keep me from posting! Don't worry!!
Until then, STAY WARM!

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