Saturday, January 10

Got a new Microwave comin'!

Ok, so did I ever tell ya that it sometimes pays to shop around???

My microwave fried itself this morning when my hubby was making his oatmeal. Long story short, I almost replaced it with an over-the-stove models that matched my stove from Sears. It was regularly $319, marked down to $303.

Well, I went to Home Depot and ended up getting the exact same thing, model number was the same!!, and guess what it was at Home Depot???


AND, I had two Home Depot gift cards, worth about $110! SO, I ended up writing a check for around $135.00! Can you believe that? AND it MATCHES my three year old stove, still!! GOTTA LOVE THAT, so can I tell ya how happy I am to get this??? Or can you tell by yourself already? SO, where the microwave used to be, I am going to put my cookbooks! SO exciting!

NOW, that I spent all day microwave shopping, I need to work on the craft room, MAYBE one of these days it will get done!

Enjoy the night!

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Pat (mspfd) said...

Don't you just love it when you find a deal on something you really need to buy AND at a place with a valid gift certificate or coupon! Way to go!!