Thursday, January 8

Feelin' the burn...

Not sure if it is from all of the painting, sanding, brushing, rolling, wiping (got some on the floor, haha), but my back and arms are killing me! But, with that being said, it could be my pilates workout, too! YEAH, I have done pilates years ago, but did it again today, WOWSERS, I am feelin' HEALTHY!

ANYHOO... here's an ALMOST finished storage dresser from the paper-side of my craft room/studio/hobby room, hideaway-from-the-hubby-and-kids-spot... it still needs another coat of paint and to be hardwared with my brushed stainless hardware I got last SUMMER! Gonna whip out the drill tomorrow to put the pulls on!

I am still pondering whether or not I should glaze this with some gray color to match the silver bookshelves. I think it would make it more interesting with the glaze in the grooves and all. What do you think?

Have a great night!

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