Friday, January 9

Bound and Determined

A little tip from me to you to simplify your life when painting...

Here I am with this "ISSUE".... paint stuck on the paint tray from the last painting, even after soaking OVERNIGHT! UGH! My hubby suggested that I use a Wal-Mart bag, slip the tray into the bag and use the bag as sort of a shield to the stuck on paint.

Hmm... this got me thinking... I figured that the Wal-Mart bag would slide all around with this foam brush (that hardly rolls anyway!). So, I rememebered that I had that CLINGY/STICKY Glad Wrap, the type that is supposed to stick tight to your dishes... Well, I whipped it out, stuck on a sheet and it worked PERFECTLY!! The little nubbins didn't even work their way through the plastic wrap either, WOOHOO!

Now, I don't know if regular plastic wrap would work this well, but this Press N Seal type was wonderful for re-claiming this paint-stuck-on paint tray! OH, and guess what, I just found 1,000 uses for the Press N Seal cling wrap, just click on the link above! AND my paint-liner idea was listed already! GO FIGURE!

Have a great day!

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