Tuesday, January 13

Another prayer request

I know most bloggers keep their blogging to their craft or career, but my blog has always been about family and friends, too. And, while I don't always publish ALL of the issues that my friends and family may be facing, sometimes I just feel the need to reach out for the power of prayer to go to work.

My son's teacher has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be finding out on Thursday the extent of the cancer. She IS one tough lady, but still when I spoke to her this morning (BEFORE knowing about this diagnosis) I could tell something was wrong. So, even this morning, I could hear a difference in her voice. I almost sensed the fear coming from her, even just with her speaking about something totally off-topic (about my son). SO, I can tell you that it is really weighing heavily on her mind right now, as it should be.

I, too, a little while back, had to get a mammogram and a chest x-ray. From first-hand experience I can say that the 'not-knowing' is nearly almost as worse as the 'knowing'. At least when you 'know', you then know how to go forward, you know what you are dealing with.

With all this said, will you please put Debbie on your prayer chain at your church? Or at least say a prayer for her tonight, tomorrow and Thursday? Her appointment is Thursday afternoon, so until then, will you consider asking God to comfort her and ease her fears a bit? I would appreciate that and I am sure Debbie will, too.

Blessings to you all!


Amy S said...

sure will!! <><

Robb_eeie said...

Debbie will be in my prayers tonight. I will also send a few of my personal Guardian Angels, to look over her during this difficult time.

Kris said...

I will put her on every prayer list I know of.