Monday, January 5

WHEW! Back to the daily grind!

Well, I did really great today! I have set myself some daily goals (beginning today) and managed to meet them all, at least so far! These are NOT resolutions, but rather changes in my daily schedule to help me manage my business and personal and family affairs more appropriately. This includes eating healthier, managing the home (including cooking, shopping, cleaning) in a more efficient way, creating for fun and for work AND taking better care of myself physically AND mentally.

I kept to my new schedule, even incorporating time for myself, which involved cleaning ALL of the tarnish off of my sterling silver jewelry! I know this doesn't sound like such great 'personal' time, but really, I enjoy appreciating my jewelry with a new found sparkle and shine! NO gold-looking tarnished jewelry in MY jewelry box anymore!

NOTE: (If you are a past/current customer, please email me if you want to know how I cleaned 21 bracelets, 10 rings, 20+ pairs of earrings/dangles and a watch in less than ONE HOUR; AND I did it without harming my lamp work beads, Swarovski crystals and/or pearls!!)

I also made an awesome meal tonight, (including a chef salad, honey Dijon turkey breast tenderloin and a fabulous vegetable and potato medley), menu planned and shopped for the entire week, washed and folded all of the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, tidied up the entire house, changed the furnace's air filter, AND even walked on the treadmill!!! I KNOW!! Can you believe it? I still have an hour to go, according to my schedule. I need to domesticate (so I call it) and put away the laundry, and double check the kitchen sink so that I have all of the dishes ready to wash in the dishwasher before I go to bed; but besides that, I AM DONE!

I found that I honestly got more done today than usual, because I put myself on a time-limit with each task. Whether it was 'domesticating', exercising, or ME-TIME, when I kept myself to my allotted time-frame I really did try to get more done before the next project was to start!

Are you all changing anything about yourself to make 2009 even BETTER than last year?


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Kathleen said...

That's impressive Nicole. I need to make some of those very changes but haven't implemented anything yet. One big thing is to stay off the computer! It eats so much time ~ I can't believe how fast an hour can go by....
Good luck sticking to your new schedule and Happy New Year!!!