Sunday, January 11

Where's the bling???

I know, I know, it has been a SUPAH long time since I posted anything of sterling and Swarovski! For those inquiring, YES, I am still doing that! I just finished up the busy season of jewelry sales and needed a break from that craft!

I go in spurts, and NO I do NOT have ADD or ADHD or any "D"! HAHAHA! The jewelry seasons come and go with the Holidays of Valentines, Mother's Day and Christmas, of course, and then there are those occassions of birthday, anniversary and remembrance. I was emailed earlier this week by a wonderful friend who wanted to remember someone in her family who had just recently passed. So, I felt very honored that when she was going through this rough time that she thought of me and my jewelry as a way of remembering her loved one!

So, see... I babble in my beads behind the busy scenes of this blog. Sometimes I just don't post everything I am working on. One of my sister's friends ordered 7 family items for Christmas presents for her family members and friends, but I forgot to even take pictures of those! ACK! I will get back to regular paper and bead postings this week. I haven't been able to craft this week as my craft room is just astrew of art supplies since I am re-vamping the room decorative- and reorganization-wise!

Until then, please click on the left-side column's labels of bracelets, keybling, beads, etc., to see what items you are wishing to browse!

Hang in there with me, I will have something for you soon! I promise!

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