Tuesday, January 6

Another boring post...

... I know, I know, NO PICTURES yet again! I have been too busy re-furbing some furniture to do any paper or bead-crafting! OH, and YES, if you were wondering, I DID manage another powerful day of getting things accomplished! From cooking another awesome meal (plus a home made mac-n-cheese from scratch using real noodles and real cheddar chese and milk!), cleaning the house and even lavishing myself with some personal time (sanding/painting furniture IS something I do CHOOSE to tackle! LOL!) I got tons done yet again.

OH, and I guess I should mention I even exercised again, I know, SHOCK SHOCK, I can't believe it myself! Now, it is almost a challenge to see how far (mileage wise) I can go in the first 30 minutes! So, I almost can't wait to do it again; very competitive, even if it is me vs. me! HAHA!

As soon as I get done with the furniture, I will retake pictures of my hobby room and post them for ya!



KJ said...

Can't wait to see pics of the new room and furniture!! Are you running?! I'm going to be starting that up in preparation for the sprint triathlon!

Amy S said...

Good for you!!!!I need to start doing something-I want to run... In the dark!!! ha ??? I just got done watching Biggest Loser!