Friday, December 5

First of Five New Beadsets!

Mornin' Peeps! I was awakened this morning with a sick-o in the house. Eli is at home again. He is coughin' up some honkin phlegm, so off to the doctors we go again. He is the one who gets sick the most. He has allergies, headaches, etc... Wish me luck that he gets well soon. I really don't want to have to worry about him at this weekend's show. I forgot all about mentioning that this week! I will get to that in a bit!

Anyhoo, here is the first of five NEW bead sets! I have three that involve the use of pink, gray and/or black and two others. I will be showing these throughout the day.

If you see a set that you would like to reserve and have made into a bracelet for yourself, just be the first to email me with your request! I might take a couple of beads from this set and combine it with one of the other smaller sets to make it a bit more even, but we will see!

This weekend's show is on Saturday and Sunday again, I believe it starts at 10am, but not sure! HAHA! I guess it doesn't matter to me since I will be there early to set up! But, to be on the safe side, I will say 10am, but it might actually be 9am. I think Saturday lasts until 5pm and Sunday is 11am to 4pm. I will double check the hours and confirm it in a future post. OH, WHERE??? do you ask? HA! I will be at the Jasper, Indiana Train Depot, over by the bridge and the old Jasper Cabinet Company. It is for artists only, no party-affiliated people will be there, like Stampin' UP!. I personally feel that Stampin' UP! should be a part of it, because you do need to be a bit creative and artistic to use their supplies! Or at least you can LEARN to be creative and artistic by using Stampin' UP! items!

Come out and see me and check out all of the other artists as well! It will be fun!

Check back for another bead set in a bit!

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Tiffany Bauer said...

So far your new beads are beatiful!!!! I will try and come see you Saturday morning at the Train Depot but I have to get Kaitlyn to Mt Vernon for a swim meet. Let us know when the start time is and I will see if we can stop there on our way to the swim meet. Have a great day!!