Thursday, December 4

Uh yeah...

I forgot to take pictures of the new beads... Uh, yeah.... duh.

I was so busy today cleaning, decluttering, cooking... I made two slabs of barbecued ribs this afternoon to just have on hand to warm up or use as leftovers over the weekend, and then I cooked a garlic and herb pork tenderloin for supper tonight. I made a double batch of crescent rolls, a huge bowl of steamed veggies and then put them along side some applesauce and cottage cheese for supper. I was stuck at home with the car in the shop. They were getting it ready for the winter months, checking fluids, checking the idle, oil change, rotating tires.... So, I couldn't go anywhere! But at least I got a lot of homey things done!

See ya'll tomorrow!

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