Saturday, December 6


Sunday is the last time you will be able to see my goodies in person in Jasper, Indiana! I am at the Train Depot from noon to 4pm on Sunday! I have tons of new ScissorBling and BagBling, perfect for those items with zippers, be it purses or jackets or WHATEVER!

I had a TOTALLY FUN time today with a couple of young girls at the table next to me. AH, YOUTH! Jade and Cheyenne are both really great girls with SUPAH personalities, not to mention CUTE!!!!!! (Physically and mentally, too! Might just have to hook Josh up with one of them for Prom! HA!)

Josh had his SAT's for the second time today, he said that he did better this time, or at least he said it seemed easier than last time. It must have worked his brains because he had his lights out at 8:30pm when the little ones were going to bed! He is such a fine young man, he was happy to stay and help me wrap things up this afternoon at the show. Did I mention that he brought me a sandwich that he made himself? AND Scott hadn't even told him to do so? AWWWWWW! I love you, Josh! (What a sweetie!)

Anyhoo.... come out and see us tomorrow at the show! Train rides are from noon to 3pm! $3.00 a person for a 30 minute ride to no-where, but I am sure it will be fun! OH, and there are ceramics that can be painted by your youngsters, perfect gifts for grandparents and teachers! Handmade items ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna go for now! Have a great Sunday!

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