Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

Just a note checkin' in with everyone! I have managed a new recipe sliced almonds & cranberry cheese ball (with seasoned salt, green onion and pineapple in cream cheese, of course), homemade Mac and Cheese is in the oven and the barbecued porkchops are simmerin' away in the crockpot! Tomorrow is sugar glazed ham, a gouda scalloped potato casserole with granny apples in it (new one, too!) and sugar snap peas, along with a butter pecan cake with pecan/coconut glazing!!

What'cha all having this holiday?? I like to make things in advance so I don't have to stay in the kitchen for four hours straight on the big day! I have the makings for Raspberry Cider Hot Toddies (with raspberry liquer and some VSOP Cognac!! ANOTHER NEW RECIPE!) I just realized I need to make the cheesy biscuits yet and I noticed this morning that someone snuck the last of the Extra Creamy Vanilla ice cream out of the deep freeze, so I need to run to the store before they close! Gotta have me ice cream with me cake!!!! HA!

I hope everyone is having a blessed day! Back soon!


KJ said...

Steve made pretzels, nuts, and chex cereal covered in chocolate and I made Hawaiian roll sandwiches!

I don't know what Mom has planned for the day after Christmas dinner for us fix, but she says I'm helping her make it! Yikes! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Christmas Eve day Jason Carter and I just had turkey sandwiches (cause I knew mom would have tonnns) yep I was right--- she always makes the majority and then we all pitch in-we do appetizer style. I took 2 new receipes that I love! first one was cream cheese with pesto drizzled over top- with pita chips JASON loved it and I did too cause EASY! I actually made it into a Christmas tree...cut the cream chesse diagnol (sp?) and then placed them together - added a cheese stick for the trunk and a red bell pepper cut as a star... pesto is green so it made the tree... got it at SAMS then for the second thing which I love is- cream cheese spread on a platter with hummus spread over that- sprinkle feta cheese and diced cucumbers and tomatoes and black olives and eat with pita chips or bisq- YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathleen said...

Yum Nicole! I'm coming to eat at your house! I'm glad you had a great Christmas. I love the Black Amethyst & Velvet Tuberose from Bath & Body Works too. My all time favorite it still Moonlight Path tho.... Happy New Year!!!!