Sunday, December 28

Back from Christmas!

I just returned from my hubby's family's Christmas. I am sick. Can you believe it? Well, at least they got me to shut up for once! I lost my voice on Friday late night/Saturday morning!


Josh and I went to Danville, IL, as usual. We always take a day during the Christmas trip to go shopping together and have lunch. It was fun! Although I couldn't sing to any of the 103.9 FM 1980's rock songs! I guess it is laryngitus, but not for sure. All I know is that I lost my voice, cough here and there and my phlegm is a "COLOR", not clear, so you know that means I am SICK!

I will touch base with ya'll when I get better!


Anonymous said...

ah-man!! that stinks- hope you all had a nice Chirstmas- Amy

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oh no. Hope you feel better soon, Nicole.

Tiffany Bauer said...

That stinks!! I HATE being sick and YOU with NO voice!!! I hope you feel better soon!!

Robb_eeie said...

Hope you are taking care of yourself, resting, and getting better speedy-quick!! I'm already suffering *~posting withdrawels~* with you being busy over the Holidays :)
Feel better Nichole~~sending you some Snowy Hugggss from Toronto =) xxoo

KJ said...

Bummer, Nicole!! I hope you get to feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Hi N-I can't believe it-you can't talk?! I never thought it could happen! Ha! I hope you do feel better-it just stinks being sick. Take care and GET BETTER! C