Sunday, December 7


Stick me with a thermometer like a turkey and call me DONE! Finally! The shows of 2008 are all wrapped up! I do LOVE the shows while I am doing them, but the getting ready, setting up and tearing down really sucks!

NOWWWWW, on to readying for Christmas! I don't even have a tree up yet and until that happens, it just won't feel like Christmas to me!

I am also excited to be able to play with paper a bit more now, too! Since the busy jewelry season has passed me by now with the shows being finished, I hope to make cards each week and really get my SplitCoast Stampers library a bit thicker than it is now. I DOOOO so enjoy their challenges each day!!

I really appreciate all of the return~customers that came to see me at the Depot this weekend! Don't forget that you can call or email me anytime for a custom order or special request! If you are still needing something worked up for a loved-one, a teacher, a babysitter or co-worker, please be sure to contact me right away! We can brainstorm together and figure out what is best for your recipient and I will get your order to you by the deadline you set!

I am accepting orders all the way up to December 21st, with ensured local delivery by the 23rd, as long as I have the supplies on hand that your order requires. If you would like to be sure that your order can be filled by the 23rd, (and check that I do have all the crystal colors, etc., that your order needs) please contact me as soon as possible!

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

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Anonymous said...

Hey sorry I did not make it- i forgot! (h.o.) I really really wanted to= I was going to have Carter paint and all- totally forgot--guess I killed some brain cells fri. night! SORRY HOPE ALL went well!! A