Friday, December 5

Second of Five New Beadsets!

Here is one of the smaller sets that I spoke of in the last post. I may take a bead from the previous set and stick it in this one. Then again, maybe not. When I get the beads loose I will see what they look like with each other and decide.

I do love this set a lot because of the use of the two tones of gray and the transparent and opaque pinks together. And that little touch of black really sets it off!

I will post the others later! I gotta go get ready for lunch!


JenMarie said...

Everything sure is beautiful but these are my fave!
Lovely goodies as always Nicole!!

Kathleen said...

Hi Nicole. I finally got over here to check in on you. Thanks for popping by and saying hello and for the warm Thanksgiving wishes. You are the sweetest. I hope your holiday was great too but it looks like it was VERY busy. You must have a ton of energy girl! Your new bead sets are gorgeous. I hope you sold out!