Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Eve Bash was a BLAST! I made sugar cookies, which the children (even 18 1/2 year old Josh) decorated. However, with the artist in me just dieing to get out, I had to keep 6 or so for me to decorate as well... can you spot mine??

THEN I had to make brownies. I wanted to make the butter pecan cake, but I was out-voted. Can anyone say Ghirardelli?? Yes, I made Ghirardelli brownies with a hot fudge topping! OH MY GOSH. Hubby and I SPLIT a 1/2!! of a brownie and had enough. So very rich, I could have fainted! AND the calories??? I might as well just slap those brownies on my thighs instead of ingesting them, because that is exactly where they are going! HAHA!!

I am waiting for the kids to wake up, hard to believe they are picking Christmas DAY to sleep in! I do hear Isaac squirming, and he is bound to wake everyone up, so I better scat! Santa came late last night and I bet the kids are about to break loose!

Back later with some 'unwrapping' pics!

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KJ said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I'm literally drooling over those brownies!!! (So is Myra, btw! She's here at work with me today)