Thursday, April 3

April is Madness...

NOT MARCH! I am still under the weather. KayLee is better, though. I am too pooped to poop and know that even more beads are on their way for another order for Ms. K, in Florida! GAK! These days and nights are running into each other!

I have the illusion bracelet designed up and just three crimps left to finsh it. I just couldn't get to the beading table today! There's just always something to do when the kids are home! I am down to just a couple of keychains... sold another one today to Ms. C in Ireland! THANKS! Guess I should make a couple more of those before Mother's Day! They are a perfect gift! ALSO Secretaries Day is April 22nd, in case you need another excuse to buy yourself something (if your boss is a butt and doesn't appreciate all you do to give you his own gift)! Ha Ha!

Hope your evening was fun like mine, see you tomorrow with the illusion bracelet, it is gorgeous with all shades of the rainbow! You'll love it!

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