Tuesday, April 1


What a fantastic day! Besides K still being under the weather, it was a great day! I had time to tackle the paper-table and made some great cards. I can't post ALL of them yet, since some of them are for a couple of people that read my blog often. BUT, the ones that I CAN post I will get pics of and show to you tomorrow! I tend to play with beads more than paper since I always have orders for beads and with paper, not so often. Kinda sad, because that lust for paper is torturous!

I will be out tomorrow morning running errands and meeting up with people to run their goodies over to them. AND I want to go see Ms C in Ireland and show her a couple of the keychains (posted below) since I know she was wanting one soon for her best friend's birthday. Then of course the regular Wednesday trip to McDonald's after picking up the kids at 11am from Geri's. I know it is only three hours a week, but I get so much done in those three hours without the kids on my heels!

Hope you had a great day
and I will see ya'll tomorrow!

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