Wednesday, April 16

Getting Ready!

What is this ALL about? HA HA HA! KayLee saw me getting the camera ready for Eli's 6th birthday party. NO............ I never told her HOW to pose OR TO POSE!!!!!!! UGH! She is ready for Hollywood, I think!

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Robb_eeie said...

Your children are truely adorable Nicole. I'm sure they learn all their posing from watching you strut from the kitchen to the craft room, from the craft room to the kitchen, especially since you model all your bead creations :)

I'm glad to see a good birthday was had by all. And what a special lucky boy for having two super-cool-hot B'Day cakes! WOW ! I hope you're Fed'EXing me a slice of the Scubby Doo and a slice of the Blue's Clues cake too :))))

Hey, here's an idea for you ~~ Will you adopt me and throw me b'day parties and all that kinda
great stuff? I'll even do the dishes and laundry for my *keep* ha ha ha.

Thanks for sharing the Birthday festivities.