Sunday, April 27


The day just totally got away from me! Before I realized it, the sun was going down and Scott was corralling everyone (like cattle) to get ready to go to bed! I was busy pretty much all day finishing up some orders for This Olde House; which DOES have an 'E' in Olde, by the way! I think some of you have the impression that I don't know how to spell that word right, ha ha! Anyhoo, or Anywho.... I still have one more order to fill for Karen at TOH, and then will be on my way to making up some new items for the online store and Hog House Gallery next weekend! I was hoping to have the online store open by the end of April, but unless some miraculous event happens, it doesn't look possible. Oh, well, maybe this is God's way of telling me to slow down, I don't know!

Ok, so as for the freebie, I have a couple of people wanting a chance at a keychain (KeyBling), some ScissorBling or possibly a bookmark (BookBling)... anyone else have a suggestion? Anything BLINGY calling your name today? Let me know! The Bracelet drawing is on Wednesday and I would like to post the next freebie right away, so let me have it with your ideas and suggestions!

OH, I will post KayLee's bracelet tomorrow and a few other things, too. Like I said, the day passed me by so fast I forgot to take pictures! UGH, I hate it when that happens! Enjoy the rest of your evening and get some Z's for me!

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