Thursday, April 24

Feelin' like....

.... CRAP! Yeah, it is THAT time of year again. Allergy season. It feels like the stray cat that I saw meandering through my backyard this morning jumped up on me and clawed my eyeballs raw. Yeah, I have it bad! I had to lay down this afternoon to close my eyes to relieve them from the air! I hate Spring ONLY for this one reason. Otherwise Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons; if God would just do something about those pollens, I would be okay and so entirely grateful!

So, besides feelin' like crapola, I have been tending to family and home things this week. I did a bit more cooking than I had been doing over the past 6 months on average, and I actually did bring myself to doing all of the laundry all week long. Dear Hubby was for sure happy about that! Ever since November when the jewelry kicked off with such high success (and orders!) Scott was the one doing the laundry all day every Saturday so I could work on orders. This is the first week I made myself put things aside and give Scott a bit less of a burden with detergent and the ironing board. Granted, Scott never complained, but I did feel a bit bad about it. So, I figured I would get back to the home-managing like I used to (or at least a little bit more like I used to) and give Scott a break.

I have three orders that I haven't finished yet, so I will do them tomorrow or tomorrow night, hopefully... Then it will be a Braveheart weekend! I love that movie! So, I plan to watch it at least once along with The Princess Bride, too. I love that movie, it is so funny!

Have a great day tomorrow
make this weekend SUPAH, too!

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Cindee Stacey said...

Hey Girlfreeend! I'm going to suggest for your freebie next month, a keychain? You have some cool lookin' ones. I'm not sure how expensive they are for you to make, but that's my suggestion! If I can't win one, I'll order one of those next! :-)