Wednesday, April 9

Evening Update!

Tonight was the most fun evening ever out with the girls... well, actually last week's dinner out with the girls was a blast, too! But tonight was SUPAH FUN! We listened to American Idol's entertainment in the background as some gals scrapped and some like myself went through some Pampered Chef catalogs for the newest cooking gear. I got my honey a microwave rice cooker, as he loves long grain rice! This is supposed to make the most perfect rice and faster than the conventional-stove top-45-minute-way!

I came home later than I should have, as Eli's "special day" to celebrate his birthday is tomorrow and cookies needed to be made. However, my honey tackled the cookie tins and made a double batch of sugar cookies for me while I was gone! NOW I don't have to stay up late, or start baking first thing in the morning to get them done! HOW sweet is that? Of course they aren't the same way I was going to make them, but WHO CARES???? Now I have the morning open to getting some other orders done! Thank YOU, Honey!

Karen, owner of This Olde House, called this afternoon and left a message while I was out. She has three more orders for me to fill, so I will need to call her back in the morning to get the details on those... I know she will be excited to hear that I have some new greeting cards for her store, too! YEA! I feel like I am making some headway!

I also sold a lot of scissor-blings tonight at Tiffany's scrapnight! These are so nice to have when you are in a group of girls like ours! We all have the same scissors by Stampin' UP! (of course) and it is so easy to get them mixed up and take the wrong pair home. NOW that may not seem like too bad of a thing, but when you are like me and just bought brand new sharp scissors, you don't really want to accidentally trade them with someone else's old dull pair! Once the online store is up and running I will keep those in stock as they are the perfect gift for any crafter, whether they scrap, sew, bead or crochet! We all gotta have scissors, so why not I.D. them with their own special bling?

OKIE DOKIE PEOPLE! That is all I have for tonight! I am going to bed to catch some ZZZZZZZ's!

See ya'll tomorrow! CIAO!!!!!!!


Tiffany said...

Happy to hear you had a great time last night!!! I know I did and got my cards done too. Now all I need to do is correct my mistake with the swap and I will be one happy camper!!!!! AND thank you so much for my AWESOME BLING!!!!!!

Robb_eeie said...

Should I be jealous Nicole? Geesh out with the girls and even shopping too! And let's not forget that super-sweet DH of yours that made cookies!*!* OMG, could life be any sweeter? hehehe I adore those new SU colours you posted a few days ago ~~ I just wish I had a "local" SU rep to play with =)
And please post a pic of the new scissor *bling*~~any excuse to see crystals :)
**!!HAPPY Thursday!!**

KJ said...

I had so much fun last night!! I think that's why I enjoyed our smaller group last night. LOVE MY SCISSOR BLING!