Tuesday, April 8

OH MY.....

..... this has been a day! That lovely Vtech toy that my hubby and I got Isaac is not at all for ages 3-6, more like 36! I was having trouble figuring it out at first. Some things about it I don't like AT ALL! But, that is neither here nor there.... Isaac KNOWS he is three and keeps showing me his three fingers, which is toooo cute... I will show you a picture of that in a minute.

I wrapped up some orders for delivery tomorrow and am headed to Tiffany's for a scrapnight with the gals. Of course, NOT before our afternoon photoshoot which had to be rescheduled from Saturday. Since Isaac got strep throat, the photography gal(s?) were VERY kind to let me reschedule the kids for tomorrow afternoon AND AT THEIR STUDIO!!!!!!!! Woo HOOO! So, I am hoping for those pics to come out really well with the kids in their Easter outfits and all!
Well, blessings to you all!
I will be back tomorrow to show you something new!
I am going to bed, I am POOPED!

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