Tuesday, April 1

Can't do it!

I was going to play a mean joke being April Fool's and all, but I just can't do it! I wouldn't want to upset my friends and blog readers, so I am refraining from any practical jokes today! NOW, if something horrible ends up happening today and I post about it, it will NOT be a joke... I just hope that I haven't just jinxed myself!

KayLee is staying home from school today. She is still under the weather with a temperature at 5am this morning, which means no school. I have lasso'd Scott into taking Eli to school this morning since Josh can't; this keeps me in my pj's a bit longer since I am still feeling bad still a bit with my "friend" visiting!

I am feeling yucky, but still yet a little creative, so since I have to make some cards today I will put those juices to work at the scrappin' table! All of my kids' birthdays are in April and May, so I may just make them a special card as well! I know they don't appreciate the hardwork that goes into crafting a handmade card, but they still know I made it for them and that makes them feel good!

Have a wonderful day and don't play too mean of a joke on me, if you see me! I buckle easily!

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