Wednesday, April 2

Exhaustion is Catching UP!

WOW, I am behind in my posting, ain't I?!? My apologies about that! I ended up at BIG O TIRE this morning with an almost dead battery, which threw me an hour off course by 9:30am! I cleaned like a mad woman (never did get those sheets washed for my bed, which is still naked at this point) for just over an hour and picked up the kids from Geri's. We went home with McDonald's Happy Meals and I took advantage of some down time during the BackYardIgans. One of my newbie customers came over to pick up a bracelet (and was pleased with her lentils) and I got to work finishing the illusion bracelet for Ms. K in Florida. IT IS SWEET! I ran out of daylight, so I will post that one tomorrow after I take some pics of it in the sun.

While beading today I watched 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Have you seen this movie? I was kinda bummed, to be honest. I bet that is why it didn't do better in the Box Office. It is SUPAH cute, really. But it still leaves ya feeling kind of sad and pitiful, in my opinion. Anyhoo...

After I picked up Eli at school, we went to the bank and then grocery shopping. Have you EVER gone shopping with a 5, 4 and 2 year old at the same time? Yeah, it was lovely. Wore me out in 45 minutes flat. I came home, helped Eli with homework, cleaned up a bit, and by then it was supper time. YES, the day went by fast!
I am headed to watch FlightPlan next with Jodi Foster, I like her movies usually, so I hope I am not disappointed.

Hope you have a great evening
a WONDERFUL day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stranger!

Sorry I did not call today I was NUTTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope all is WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, Nicole - I am not going to feel sorry for you! Almost every week I take a 10,7,3,and 1 yr shopping every week!! Ha Ha! Have a great day. Loved the cards too by the way!