Friday, April 4

Working on Orders!

HEY HO! I have been working on orders today, trying to get ahead of the game. I am expecting an order of crystals and sterling to come in tomorrow via Fed Ex. I get so excited when I see that big boxey truck, ha ha! I would post what I was working on today, but I can't. These are some items that are gifts for some locals; could they be for you???

There is also another store interested in seeing some of my goodies, so I am going to stop over there tomorrow and see what their contract contains pertaining to sales commissions, minimums, etc. I am just excited to find out that another boutique is interested in my items, that is so neat!

I have also been asked to be a guest 'teacher/educator' at a library a couple of counties over for their children's summer program. I am not sure exactly what it all involves, but I think I will be teaching an art class to preschool to 6th graders, as well as sharing a book pertaining to art. I just came across the absolute perfect book about 'painting' to read to the children as well! So, I hope our dates pan out so I can share this wonderful book with the children, as well as share an art project with them!

JCAC also is inquiring about some summer preschool classes. I would be teaching every day for an entire week, possibly two weeks. So, depending on those dates and requirements, I might be doing those, too! I love the art classes, they ARE so much fun!

That is enough for now! I just got the kids to bed a bit ago and Josh is gone at a WildLife/YoungLife meeting, and Scott should be home soon from his home show. I think I will go shower and relax for 10 minutes in the hot steam and lather on some Bath and Body Works shower cream, gotta love that stuff! My favorite is Velvet Tuberose. OH MAN! YUM-MY!

Blessings on your Evening!

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