Wednesday, April 30

The Entries have been Tallied...

I can't seriously not believe that I counted over 275 entries for the entire month of April!!! OF COURSE, a ton of those are from yesterday, since each vote after the new counter was re-set gave each person 10 entries! BUT, what I don't understand is why some people vote and see my ranking and then don't email me to get entered into the drawing! I guess some people just like to support without compensation! WOW, that is some serious "giving" there and a little bit of a lesson on being humble!

Ok, so the printer is printing out the names, I need to go cut up the papers into little squares and find the BIGGEST BOWL in the house! How exciting! I need to find the camera, too. UH, actually, I guess I need to find the bracelet, too! I am not sure where I put that thing, although I think I did put it in my jewelry box for safekeeping from the kids!

I will post ASAP!

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