Friday, April 18


Sorry for the lack of posts today. Being awakened by an earthquake before 6am to four frightened children (well, Josh being 18 next month handled it okay) slowed things down for me today! AND, not to mention that lovely "YEARLY" visit to the GYNO this morning. UGH, well at least I am going to take care of that monthly event as of MAY 6th! YEP, going under anesthesia and zappin' the uterus! Since I am DONE having children, there is no need (at least in my eyes AND my doctor's eyes) to keep going through worse and worse pain (not to mention mess) every month.

{Even if something happened to hubby (GOD FORBID) and I found a boytoy to remarry I would still NEVER EVER have another child. Albeit, I am only 37, but having children 20 years apart is not something to be desired in my eyes! HA HA!}

So, as I go head off to bed I am comforted knowing that I only have to go through this for one more month! YEA! And that more than likely I won't see another earthquake for at least another 5 years or so! I hope to play catch-up tomorrow with Today's SCS card challenge, as well as post some new jewelry items for your viewing pleasure! Check back tomorrow! Don't forget to put me in your favorites and vote everyday for this fabulous sterling silver and Swarovski crystal bracelet! Just 11 more days to vote!!!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!

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Robb_eeie said...

Hi Nicole ~ I think you'll be happy with the end results regarding your *friend* after your surgical procedure, and how liberating it can be once you don't have to "worry" about it. I congratulate you on being so brave and I'll pray you'll have the wonderful results that I had.

It's a big decision and I'm proud of you for making this choice as it will FOR SURE allow you feel better and will eleviate most of the pain, and those in your direct 'aim' will appreciate it too :)

Just remember I'm here for you if you have any questions or concerns.
Robbi xo