Monday, April 28

MORE nameframes!

Here are some name frames that a couple people have ordered with Karen at This Olde House. She calls every now and then, with one or two, but this time had three and then added another one yet today! SO, I scrambled the BEYKE one together just a bit ago and now these are all polished up and ready for an afternoon delivery! I need to make another style for her to display as this is the only one she has up and to be honest, I am getting rather bored with the composition. I have something newly designed (at least in my mind!), so maybe I will go try to put it together and take it along with me when I deliver these. It is so funny, because Karen tells people that they can have ANY color combo, but everyone seems to order this sage/burgundy color scheme because that is what is on display! Sometimes I get an order for a neutral one (Lopez) and I just can't seem to NOT throw another color in it besides beige and black! I hope this one is neutral enough!

Have a great day!

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KJ said...

Those are sooooo pretty!