Monday, April 7

Remembering my new baby Isaac

My baby is THREE! Hummmm.... kinda depressing! Of course this is nothing compared to next month when Josh turns 18! OH GOLLY, will I be feeling old! It is so funny to think that when Eli (who will turn six this coming Saturday) turned three years old, I had an almost 15 year old, a 23 month old, and a 5 day old baby newborn!

I am not surprised that I don't remember anything of that time back then. The body has a funny way of forgetting traumatic events so you don't suffer longterm anxiety about things, I guess. Isaac is a miracle baby. Literally born gray and blue, still as the night. It took the doctors 45 minutes to get him to breathe. But they didn't give up. We were very lucky. Lucky that he finally did come to life. Lucky that he eventually began to nurse. And very lucky that he didn't have permanent brain damage. There is now nothing wrong with him at all; and from what the doctor said, "I thought you would have a very very sick baby for a very very long time", he meant permanent brain damage where he would have ended up living basically as a vegetable for the rest of his life.

Thinking back 36 months ago to this moment, where he had been ambulanced over an hour away to another hospital, having only touched his hand before they took him away makes me remember how precious he is and how grateful I am to be his mommy. Sure, he drives me nuts with his obstinate ways, but he sure knows how to soften the edges with that huge grin and delightful giggle of his! Happy Birthday, Isaac! I love you more and more each and every day!

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