Monday, April 7

Cleaning Rampage

I have been cleaning like a mad woman. There is only so much I can take, and a nasty refrigerator is NOT one of them. I went through all of the condiments and found some dressing and cocktail sauce that had expired a looooooooong time ago. SO long that I won't even tell you the expiration date. YEP, THAT long ago!!!

I have a glass top stove and decided to get the special cleaner out that actually DOES get off the burnt on food. It took me three times, but 95% came off. So, it is all sparkly pretty now!

Mopping the kitchen floor is always fun since it is so big and I do it on my hands and knees. But it HAD to be done. I think I had a mini-snack ready from just sweeping up the crumbs before washing it down with the cleanser! The trash has been taken out again (filled with expired refrigerator items) and tons of used paper towels.

I went ahead and made the new italian spaghetti sauce for tonight's supper. Now all I have to do it cook the noodles. Scott can do that while I wrap Isaac's presents for him just to tear open 5 minutes later! I went to and found a recipe for a 'healthy' spaghetti. It tastes pretty good from what I can tell without the pasta. I made a double batch so Scott could have some for lunch later this week. He usually takes his lunch since he says I cook way better than any restaurant there in Evansville. I think he is just wanting to save money by NOT eating out and is giving me a compliment in the process!

Well, I am off to go get Isaac's birthday cake. He chose Blue's Clue's yesterday at the store, so I need to go get it and some ice cream as well. I hope I don't forget the candles! I gave Isaac a birthday present early this morning to appease him until the tonight when he will get the rest of his presents. He has been playing with his Go, Diego, Go! Vsmile game ALL day! Well, not ALL day, KayLee is lucky she has a brother who is nice enough to share, even on his birthday with HIS birthday present... so KayLee has had it some too. That must be the reason why I got so much done today! I was wondering HOW I was so productive, a new toy! Hmm... I may need to stretch out those birthday presents ALL week! HA HA!

Later, Gators!

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