Saturday, April 5

What a Day!

From one kid to another, someone always seems to be ill. Either Josh has a migraine, or someone falls out of the play mustang car and gets a head injury.... KayLee is fine now, no more flu bug for her, but now Isaac went to the clinic today with a 103 fever and has strep! Eli had strep with a strep RASH just a couple of weeks ago, so I should have expected it, but honestly I forgot all about it! There always seems to be someone 'out of sorts' as Mary Poppins would say!

Today was a crazy day. Days with Scott missing are always crazy. Scott has been working a home show in Evansville where his company/office is based. He is a sales Rep for Indiana Wholesalers and sells building materials, including Marvin Windows, doors, trim, flag poles, attic staircase pull downs, you know stuff you need to build a house. Well, I guess you don't need a flag pole to build a house, but you know what I mean! HA HA! Scott will be missing tomorrow as well, so I am anticipating another crazy day with the kids.

On a happy note, today was seriously BEAUTIFUL! It was the first day the kids (minus Isaac since he was resting in bed with his sippycup in hand) got to play outside without coats on. I still made Eli wear his denim jacket since he had short sleeves on, but KayLee went outside with a sweatshirt, fleece dress pullover and tights! She was so happy and ran like she was so "FREE"! She came up to me and hugged my leg and said, "Mommy, I love it today outside!". What a sweetie, she is such a loving child and is so beautiful within, too.

As for Eli, he ran around crazy, drove his mustang like a mad man, which reminds me that I need to go swipe out the battery and recharge it overnight tonight... he then went over to our neighbors house with Zach, another kindergartener his age. I love Zach. He comes over to the front porch where my craft room is... he just stands there until I notice him. He doesn't knock on the window. Or the front door. Just watches me patiently until I get done with what I am doing, to only then wait until I come to the door and get Eli for him. He is seriously a sweet kid. I am glad he is our neighbor for my Eli. I hope KayLee dates him someday, they would make a cute couple! HEE HEE!

The newest order came today. If only Scott wouldn't be gone tomorrow I would be making some really cool items tomorrow. I guess they will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon and next week to get some newbies posted! OH, and Ms. K from Florida loved her illusion bracelet, so I guess I should post "SOLD!" by it! I think I might just make a couple of those now and then as I have had sooo many compliments on it! Since Ms. K is in Florida, I wore it to the store today and back home, just to be sure it wears okay and doesn't fall apart for some odd reason! It is such a great bracelet and I had FOUR people comment on it! Gave them my card and invited them to join the blog, too, of course! Everything is fine with the bracelet! I love it actually and think I might just have to order some more of those beads and make myself one!

I am going to go for now, but will try to show you something new tomorrow!

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