Monday, April 7

Sweet Sorrow

My excitement quickly turned to sorrow when I opened my newest package of lampwork beads! Look at my poor little babies! All shattered and unusable... well, just the three periwinkle ones. Not to worry, they will be replaced, no biggie. Lampwork artists know how stringers on the outside will just flake off if the temperature isn't just hot enough on the outside for them to adhere for a lifetime. Donna admitted she probably had the temperature off just a touch.... She's SUPAH and is willing to make those again, or another, I just have to let her know! Don't cha just love the aqua ones with orange dots around the outside? WOO HOO these babies rock!


Robb_eeie said...

Sending you some VERY necessary Kleenex, all the way from Toronto, to wipe those tears [wiping a few of my own too! ha] after seeing your wounded lampwork :~(

KJ said...

Ok, you know I hated seeing your pretty beads in that condition, but one thing that JUMPED out at me is the color difference of those beads on your blog compared to the other one!