Wednesday, April 30


Step by step, this is a tedious project! I left the pictures UNedited (yes, my camera is still on central time, I don't know how to fix it!)... so you can see the time frame of the pictures. You can tell that the drawing is totally honest and fair! I would never try to play favorites, even if I wanted to! So the first picture is of all of the papers with everyone's name on each entry they earned by voting!

You can see here, that I am having to pick out blank pieces of paper that I stupidly cut up at the end of the last sheet of paper... so that is why it took so long!

Here is the bowl with everyone's name; can you find yours?

I told Kaylee to stir up the votes really good!

Isaac had to help her mix them, too, of course!

I told KayLee to look at me while drawing... she can't read, so I don't know why I was so worried about her doing that. But it does make for a good picture!

And, here she is showing me the person! I JUST SCREAMED! She is one of my best friends! ((And to be honest, she didn't even have 1/2 of the votes some others did!)) I think I scared KayLee when I got up and ran screaming to the phone! I called Kelly to congratulate her before posting the pictures, that is why the timeframe is about 20 minutes after beginning the posting!

I also want to say a special 'THANKS' to Tiffany B! She had the most entries from voting everyday and also for telling others about my jewelry and posting some of my artisan items on her blog! I feel bad that she voted so loyally everyday, but still didn't win, but as I said before, the freebie-drawing is totally fair and of course, there will be another one coming up! Thank You, Tiffany... {Hey, maybe Kelly will let you wear it when you go to convention together in July! HUGS!}


KJ said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! I actually have a Nicole original to WEAR now! And, of course, Tiffany can borrow it! :-)

Tiffany said...

OH MAN!!!!!!! I can't believe I didn't win but congrats to Kelly for winning!!!!!!!

You know I want to wear it Kel!!!!wink!!!

Robb_eeie said...

Even tho I don't see my name in that big bowl of entries *wink*, I guess I'll just HAVE to believe you Nicole, when you say you drew the name and did everything *honestly* LOL.
[[Only YOU, Miss Nicole, would go through ALL that trouble of cutting those neat, straight pieces of paper, (what was it? 275 of them? haa) and then documenting it with your camera. Ohh and let's not forget how you made Kaylee "look up" LOL so she couldn't look at the letters/name on the paper. That made me laugh so hard, when you said, "Not that she can read yet!" heheheheheeee]]
Not to worry, I shall continue to vote just on that off-chance that Kaylee can read next draw, (2 weeks?) as I know she'll be picking me :0)
Congrats Kelly, that is one fine piece of *Candy* to win =)