Monday, March 31

Reporting some good news, K is 85% recovered. She is still sluggish, but manages some cute smiles over the computer laptop screen here at the table. I am not letting her wander far from me, just in case of the 'creepy germs' coming back, as she would say.

I am wrapping up some orders late tonight and will attempt to bring you all something new... possibly Ms. K's (from Florida) 'Illusion' bracelet she ordered a couple of weeks ago... That is under-construction as we speak, started it a few days ago, but haven't finished it yet.

See ya'll after a bit!


Robb_eeie said...

KayLee ~~ sending you some big, huge [[[[[ Hugs ]]]]] all the way from Toronto ~ along with your favorite treat (hmm, what about some cookies, or maybe some jelly beans, or wait, I know ~ icecream?) to make sure you feel better and get rid of those icky germs :)
Feel better soon sweetie :D

Anonymous said...

LOOKS MUCH BETTER!!Glad she feeling better!!!!