Friday, March 14

Kiddie Update!

I almost forgot to post a picture of Eli in his wrestling outfit. Isn't he a fine boy? I think that out of all of the kids he will be the one who won't disappoint. He is such a people pleaser, especially his mom and dad. He never likes disappointing us, always willing to please. Look at his nice physique... He would rather play outside and shoot baskets with Daddy than anything... and it shows. He has my eyes. Well, at least one of them. One eye is green, the other hazel-blue. They say that only ONE in a million people have eyes of different colors. THEY must be right, whoever "they" are. Because Eli IS one-in-a-million. OH, and the following picture is of KayLee and Isaac, who apparently aren't camera shy. I just HAD to share!

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