Sunday, March 2


Hope everyone is enjoying the FAB-U-LOUS weather, if you are here in Jasper! YEP 70+ degrees on the 2nd day of MARCH!

This is the project for the K-5th grade art class. It is really difficult to come up with a project that is EASY enough for Kindergartners to do and still sophisticated enough for 5th graders to think is cool! Again, to me, it is amazing what you can do with paper and ink. Here I came up with a project all on my own, I am proud to say. Just using shapes and letters cut out of scrap cardstock, I used them as reverse-templates. By this I mean I used a letter, as in this case, the letter "K" and took a cotton ball dipped in ink and rubbed the ink around the letter. This reveals the letter "K" by coloring the negative-space around it.... COOL, huh? I layered over and over with flower, heart and scallop-shapes and topped it off with the letters.

KayLee is too young to take the class, so I figured I would use her name. Eli can make his own name in the class tomorrow. We are all going to have really colorful fingers by the time we are finished, maybe even some arms. I somehow managed to put the entire under-side of my forearm into an ink pad and didn't even realize it until I went to wash my fingertips. Thank goodness I was wearing a sleeveless shirt because of the weather!

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