Saturday, March 1

Back from the CROP!

It is just after 11pm and man what a day! It was so fun being surrounded by all of my friends, AND making new ones! I got to know Heather a bit better, which is so cool, she seems to be such a sweet gal! And I got to see all of my buds, Amy, Amy, Kelly, Kelly, Tiffany, Tiffany, Chastity and some others, too, like Michelle, Lavone, and Heather who seems to be enjoying herself joining in on more of our group activities!

I also enjoyed viewing a huge fundraiser from the inside as well. There is a lot of leg-work involved in it, a lot of behind-the-scenes drama and just plain stress! But there is a lot more laughter, kindness and supporting-friendships to out-weigh the negatives, so I would have to say I will volunteer again for more events like this if ever asked to!

Well, I am headed to bed! I went to bed really late last night after staying up preparing for today's event, and then got up early to volunteer to finish setting up before the doors opened at 9am! So, I am too pooped to poop!

Thanks to everyone at the Crop who made it such a success! Amanda, Ann, Amanda's mom, Holly, oh and Amanda's sis in law, sorry! (I can't remember her name) and the vendors as well. And, of course, a special THANK YOU goes to those who showed their support by bringing in monetary donations, purchasing raffle tickets and my jewelry, as well! Every single penny raised IS important and DOES make a difference in the life of a person suffering from this disease, so THANK YOU!!!!

See you tomorrow!

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