Wednesday, March 26

It's a Blur

The last 48 hours are a blur. It is hard to believe that 46 hours ago I was just walking into my mom's back door over 350 miles away. I have returned safely after battling torrential rains from Louisville to home, which is usually an hour and 10 minutes. Well, this ended up being well over an hour and 45 minutes because of the rain, roads, dim headlights on my van and crazy drivers making me fear for my life.

Dad was getting dressed to go home as I walked out of the hospital to head back to Indiana. I was relieved; so relieved that I broke down in the van and finally cried. I wasn't ready to lose my dad. He is so important to me, even though I am an adult, I still need him to be around to check up on me and make me laugh. He was close to having a heart attack, so he was lucky he went to the hospital when he did. THAT was too close for comfort for me, I have to tell ya.

Back to the grindstone, as they say. I will post the freebie winner tomorrow after I let Eli draw, since he is on Spring Break and is home to do the honors this time. I also have some adorable photos of my new nephew-puppy Shadow. HE IS SO CUTE! I was lucky to squeeze in some family time with my sister and her kids, Jenna and Ian, and was lucky to see the bro-in-law who is in training to run a marathon in Virginia this weekend. Jim came home after a run while I was visiting my sister, Kris.... can anyone say spandex??? HA HA! I wish I looked THAT good in running gear!
Well, gonna go to bed, I will update you with more details tomorrow! Thanks to everyone again!
I am lucky to have such great friends and family!

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