Saturday, March 8

So I was emailing a new friend.....

.... that I met through my blog. She votes for me everyday and is determined to get me into the TOP FIVE!!! {She says she has friends!!! :o) } And she asked me about the lampwork... SO, I had to clarify that it is not made by me... Here's how the email went.......

"As for lampwork, NONE of it is mine. I purchase the lampwork from a group of lampwork artist friends of mine. I AM going to learn, though. Even if I just make some small round beads to fill in some space or for earrings I would save money. Then again, I would have to buy a $300 kiln, mandrels, glass, etc... Maybe I should just keep what I am doing! When my youngest is in school fulltime (1st grade; kindergarten is 1/2 day here in IN) in the year 2011, I will find a place to learn lampwork, make my husband move us to get me more land to have my own studio separate from the house. I have heard too many stories of lampworkers actually burning down their house because they dropped something, stood up, knocked over the torch and immediately set the house aflame!

I think I am going to copy the above paragraph and put it in my blog! I hope you don't care! SO MANY people think the lampwork is mine, and I don't mean for that to happen at all. I would NeVeR take credit for something I didn't do! Especially when it comes to artistry, copying is NOT flattery in the artworld!!! IT IS COPYING! LOL! I try to make my jewelry style stand out a bit different than others, but honestly I have seen some artisan jewelry very similar to mine, I guess there is only so much you can do with lampwork!"

.......... I hope that clarifies to everyone that, NO, the lampwork is not mine; BUT, YES, I do indeed have the intention of learning it someday. I have already begun a journal of bead styles that someday I would love to create for my jewelry line. Until then, I will just keep on sketching my bead-designs and dreaming about glass!

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