Thursday, March 13

Freebie has been Posted! WOOHOO!

After contemplating how often to offer a freebie, and what TYPE of freebies I should give away, I figured that I would just base the timeframe between each drawing based on the value of the item. The more expensive it is, the longer I give you to vote (and give myself to come up with another one)! So, I guess what I am saying is that I want to average $50 or less a month in a giveaway. I shouldn't even be going that far, so it might lessen, it might not. I am just very grateful to all of you for voting for me and getting me to the Top 10 (and almost Top 5) so fast!

Don't forget to email me my ranking after you vote! IF you don't email me, I will not know that you voted; there is no way for me to find that out! Thanks again for voting, and OH, I almost forgot.... The drawing for the necklace will be March 19th, at noon. I know I previously stated it would be on Monday the 17th, but Mondays are my 'management Mondays' and I have too much going on that day and often times am not home, so let's make it Wednesdays!

Have a great evening and day tomorrow! I have tons to do to get ready for the weekend, so I may not be posting much, but keep voting (and emailing my ranking for your entry!) and checking anyway! I may surprise you with a deal of the day or a new item you just have to get!

Make it a SUPAH DAY!

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