Wednesday, March 12


My apologies for the lack of communication. I have been working on some unrelated items on my To-Do list today, some are secret! I have just been super busy with these things today so I have nothing new to post.

WELL, except that I did get an email back from my art teacher/mentor from high school back in Virginia. Ms. Black is ALL THAT! I have to say! I could actually 'hear' her speak her email in my mind. I remember everything about her, the tone of her voice, the slight accent/inflection of her voice. I can actually still remember the whole set up of the art room! Funny how the mind can do that!

And, of course, when I read her email last night, I cried like a baby again! I honestly didn't realize exactly how much she meant to me until last night when I read her email. Again. And AGAIN! I couldn't believe it was her! Don't get me wrong, I KNEW it was because of her that art stayed in my veins. But to re-connect with her was surreal. And it really hit home how much she means to me even now.

I really hope to convince my hubby to go to Virginia, maybe in the fall, when the leaves turn color on the mountains. And let him visit my old high school, see my old art room where I got started and, of course, head to UVA to invite Ms. Black out to dinner. I hope she will at least just meet me for a minute just to give her a hug and say 'THANKS!' I would almost feel complete. Now, if my hubby took me to Italy to look at all of the art and architecture there, and to let me eat some real pizza in Rome, I WOULD be complete!

Until tomorrow!

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