Monday, March 10

My Mentor....

I am in tears.... I just googled my art teacher from highschool before I moved to Jasper. Ms. Black was the one who really nurtured me and made me believe that I had something really special artistically. I mean, my mom and dad always told me, but as parents they are supposed to say it and you wonder... are they being truthful? HA HA!

Well, I was doing some researching on the net, and again, as I often do, I thought of Ms. Black. And, I thought, I wonder if I can find her? She had just gotten married in 1988 before I left Virginia so I doubted I would find her with a name change and all.... but there she was, top of the page, with her dark straight hair and her big beautiful puppydog eyes. I love Ms. Black, not loved, LOVE. You don't know how much she impacted my life AND my belief in myself as an artist. I can honestly tell you that I have thought of her at least monthly since 1988. There is always something crafty or artistic that I come across in my designs or sketches or just something that reminds me of her teaching me back in art class.

Of course I already emailed her, crying the entire time. It is just one of those things. Seeing someone you never thought you would see again, feeling things you hadn't felt in a long time. Remembering that person's passion for art, seeing her encourage creativity. She was the best. And apparently IS STILL. She is quite the accomplished professor at UVA, teaching in the School of Architecture there and also at Piedmont Virginia Community College. I knew I was taught by a talented teacher in the 80's, but to realize just WHO taught me now is quite amazing!

I love you, Ms. Black!

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KJ said...

What a wonderful story! I'm so glad you found her and even emailed her to let her know what an impact she made on your life. I can only imagine that that is one of the reasons she got into teaching. {{{HUGS}}}