Saturday, March 29

Uh, no freebie yet....

Sorry, guys, I started working on some orders left over from last weekend's show and from a couple weeks back (a friend ordered something for her mom)... long story made short, no freebie to show ya. Even if I had it done I wouldn't want to post it because the picture would totally suck without natural light!!!

So, I will do that first thing in the morn and get some awesome pictures taken and will post it ASAP~ I PROMISE!!!!

There, I said it, I PROMISE!

Update to Darla and Kelly F: I will be emailing you both tomorrow and will be sending pictures for your approval... again, waiting for natural light to take the pictures of your beauties! Oh, what the heck, I will post them for everyone to see, too! EVERYONE should see these knockout bracelets! They are both so totally different in styles and colors, it will be neat to see the two of them next to each other!

Blessings on your evening!

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