Tuesday, March 25

UPdate on Dad ! ;o)

He's doing very well now. I traveled last night with Josh (my oldest) to TN to see my dad before surgery this morning at 7am. He had 2 arteries 90% blocked which each had a stint put into. One artery was 100% blocked and will be left alone as the heart has already created new passage ways for the blood to flow. He should be coming home tomorrow, unless something else surfaces.

ThAnK YoU to Laura for watching the kids today and tomorrow so Scott didn't have to totally dessert his appointments! HUGS!

THANK YOU to Amy S for covering my art class last night and to Amy L for covering tomorrow's! I will be returning Wed. evening late or Thursday morning noon, I expect, unless Scott tells me to just stay around here and is covered ok at his work. I will be in touch!

Blessings on you all for being there for my dad with your prayers!
I believe that they worked!

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