Friday, March 21

After the Show ~ First Day

Good Friday, to you all! I had a SUPAH awesome time hangin' with my friends today! I met a couple new gals, as well, that really made the work all worth while!!! Jeana and Vicki were so funny!

I am headed back to the hobby room to make a few things. KayLee needs some earrings to match her Easter dress, it is a beautiful shade of robin egg blue. I am sure I have just the perfect color Swarovski to match it! I am going to try to pump out a few extra things for tomorrow as well.

Don't forget to vote! I am just one vote shy of 4th place!! WOO HOO! If I manage to make it to the TOP 3, I will offer a totally awesome Freebie for April!

Bracelet, anyone???

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