Saturday, March 22

After the Show ~ Second Day

HEY ALL! After a MUCH NEEDED nap (YEA!) I have returned to the computer to find myself ranked #4!!!! THANKS to all who voted while I have been vending at the show. I really liked this set up better than the Armory. It was a little more intimate and all of the vendors were able to visit with each other when there was 'down time' with no customers.

I think this is the last 2~day craft show I will do, but I think I said that last fall, too! HA HA! There is so much work involved to pack everything up, leave the kids behind, unpack it all to sell, then pack it back up at the end of the day to do it all again the following day. One day events, I don't mind, but two days is an awful lot of strain on me and my family. But then again, I am a woman and can change my mind at any moment! HEE HEE!

I met a lot of new customers and was able to spread the word about lampwork. OH, how I love it so! I also made some new friends that I plan to call up and meet for brunch sometime soon! I hate to run, but I was so busy making keychains last night that I didn't get to KayLee's earrings for Easter tomorrow. I also haven't prepped or even planned Monday's artclass project yet, so I guess I should get my booty moving!

I will post some pics of the kids tomorrow in their Easter outfits. They are all going to be dressed in blues and yellows, which will make for some really fantastic shots! Until then....


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