Sunday, March 30

Freebie for April!

A lovely sterling silver and Swarovski Crystal bracelet is up for grabs! I decided NOT to do a lampwork bracelet, because not everyone likes that style of jewelry. HOWEVER, almost everyone LOVES silver and sparkle! SO, here is the freebie for April! I changed the date to encompass the entire month because its' value is so high and I just can't afford to give more away this month. In an earlier post this month I mentioned keeping the giveaways around $50.00; and since I already donated over $200.00 in jewelry during March for four fundraisers, THIS IS IT! I hope you all understand the reasoning and aren't too upset with me! Enough said!

Keep those votes coming and this beautiful bracelet just may end up on YOUR wrist... OR it could be a wonderful present for MOM for Mother's Day... hmm... NAH! I would keep it, too! HA HA HA! The above picture isn't very big, so I thought I would post it here, too! CLICK to ENLARGE for the beautiful details of the Aquamarine Aurora Borealis Cube Crystals and Light Aquamarine and Aquamarine Satin Bicone crystals. I hope you love it! Its' value is over $50.00 and that doesn't include my time! It took me over an hour to wrap up these dangles!! NOW do you want to give me a vote? HA HA HA HA!


Just a note: Please notice the detail of each dangle. Each one is wrapped at top for strength and durability. Some jewelry designers just bend or curve the wire into a loop at top and then attach it to the sterling link bracelet. Doing so does not guarantee the dangle to hold while under stress. I felt I should explain this, as most people don't know what to look for when purchasing QUALITY artisan jewelry. If you ever have a question concerning the 'construction' of my jewelry, please holler!

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