Sunday, March 9

Josh's K-5th Grade Punishment Project

As punishment for my son staying out late at night without telling me where he was, he was forced to do this week's Kindergarten-5th grade art project. Funny thing is he actually likes doing things like this, so it wasn't punishment at all. It actually gave him something to do since I already had grounded him from the computer until further notice.

Now, please don't let me mislead you. Josh is a fine young man with high morals and great ethics! He was actually at a meeting last night where he is a leader of a middle-school group. It was over at 9:30pm. He didn't call home till after 11pm. Now I wouldn't have freaked out so bad if (1) he had taken his cell phone with him... not to call me, but just to have in case he was in need of help (car broke down, etc) or (2) if he had just called right after the meeting to tell me he was going to hang out with friends or (3) the weather hadn't already made the roads slick and icy! (I was for sure he was in a ditch somewhere!!!!)

I told him that he knew I expected him home after the meeting and for him to not show up when expected and not even call me to tell me what was going on was disrespectful to me and rude, in general. He DID apologize; but without punishment he would just do it again some other time. Hence, this beautiful Easter Egg mosaic made with tissue paper squares and a glue stick on posterboard. Isn't he talented? Oh, yeah, he apologized a FEW times... not just talented... smart, too!

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Tiffany said...

I love it Josh!!! Just as talented as your mom!!!