Sunday, March 23

Sharing our Morning with You!

Happy Easter!!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter! We just got back from church so I decided to force the kids into some pictures! They turned out pretty good for 'posed' pictures. Scott and I never let the Easter Bunny come until AFTER lunch, otherwise the kids would never eat anything nutritious all day! So, while he is making pancakes, bacon and eggs, I am sharing a little bit of our Easter outfits with you. I was going to have Josh take a picture of me and Scott but Scott has already changed out of his Sunday best into a t-shirt! OH, WELL! My outfit doesn't look that great anyway!

I am going to work on the art class projects today and will post pictures of our Egg Hunt later! Blessings on your day today! Enjoy those around you and eat lots of chocolate!

Here's some close-ups of KayLee's matching jewelry for her dress!
She was surprised with her bunny pendant I made last night to match her earrings. She just giggled!

KayLee and Isaac are closer than any of the kids.
And they love to show it, too!
( Back of KayLee's dress.)


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Robb_eeie said...

I would be proud to show these beautiful children off too ~ whether they were in thier Sunday's Best, or in their sleepy wrinkled PJs :)
I especially enjoyed the *kisses* that were caught in action, after all the candy was found {*smile*} ~ what could be a better reward then a big, chocolate, smoooochy kiss :))))
~~!*!HAPPY EASTER !*!~~
====This Is For KayLee & Eli====
I just looked out our office window in our home (located on the 2nd floor) to discover it is snowing again ARGH!!! But then I see right at the end of our front yard, three big lovely bunnies, looking as if they are having a very serious discussion, and they are all chocolate brown in colour, just like the Easter Bunny! I just stood and watched them, as the fresh flakes of snow danced and landed on their thick fur and big tall ears. Every few moments you'd see their noses twitch, as if perhaps annoyed by the tickel that the snow caused when it landed. After a few minutes, they started to sniff and hop around, and then in an instant, they were gone. HMMMM I wonder if they were some of our local Easter Bunnies, just trying to decide where to lay their ears and fluffy tails for the night, after a busy weekend of delivering chocolates and eggs and all kinds of good stuff :) I wonder, where they the real Easter Bunnies?